To strengthen Niger’s capacities in the internal security sector, the Mission carries out a variety of activities based on four pillars:

  • Training
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Strategic advice
  • La remise d’équipements

With a non-executive mandate, EUCAP Sahel Niger mainly provides support to the Internal Security Forces, namely to the National Police, the Gendarmerie and the National Guard, in the spheres of technical and practical knowledge transfer, organizational and strategic planning and infrastructure provision. Apart from direct assistance to law enforcement structures, the Mission also supports the Nigerien Armed Forces where they provide a crucial role to internal security, the criminal law system and judicial structures, with the overall aim of facilitating access to justice and protection of human rights (see the concept of Judiciarisation in ‘Justice, Human Rights and Gender').

EUCAP Sahel Niger has built strong partnerships with state institutions, national, traditional and regional authorities, as well as with civil society, to promote a people-centered security concept.

The Mission trains and advises the Nigerien Internal Security Forces and other relevant partners in a comprehensive manner, identifies needs and donates essential equipment. In close collaboration with other EU institutions, such as the EU Delegation and the civilian sister-mission EUCAP Sahel Mali, the Mission is embedded in the EU’s integrated approach and designs its activities in a coherent manner.

With support from the Regional Advisory Coordination Cell in Mauretania (RACC), EUCAP Sahel Niger has extended its fields of intervention to other countries of the Sahel facing security challenges, such as Burkina Faso, Mauretania and Chad. To better coordinate needs and assistance, the Mission also cooperates with other international partners in the field of security including FRONTEX and Interpol.

Since 2018, EUCAP Sahel Niger increasingly uses the tool Training-of-Trainers whereby trained trainers pass on their skills and knowledge to Nigerien colleagues. In turn, the Mission enhances the focus on coaching and mentoring. This approach ensures the sustainability of the work and strengthens the local ownership of Nigerien authorities so that they can deliver these training sessions themselves. In 2020, the Mission has renewed its mandate emphazising new operational priorities.

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