The Mission through its well-established partnerships with the Internal Security Forces and the Ministry of Justice directly contributes to a number of core objectives of the European Union in the Sahel, namely, the protection of human rights, the promotion of women in the field of security as well as the access to justice.

During the last decade, human rights protection in Niger has witnessed significant improvements, including the adoption of several legal acts to promote the highest standards of human rights. Special training sessions designed for law enforcement officials on human rights protection, international humanitarian law and gender awareness are regularly conducted by Mission trainers.

In addition, EUCAP Sahel Niger provides strategic support to reinforce the criminal law system, to grant access to justice and legal protection for the most vulnerable through capacity building of government officials and strengthening of rule of law institutions.

From crime scenes to tribunals: The process of Judiciarisation

On another operational level, the Mission carries out training and advice on various matters to strengthen the processes of Judiciarisation. This concept refers to every action that enables the follow-up of initial investigations and eventually leads to criminal prosecution and can be carried out either by the Internal Security Forces or the Nigerien Armed Forces operating internally. In practical terms, this includes methods such as criminal investigation and treatment of evidence, witnesses, suspects and survivors in line with international humanitarian law and human rights protection, but can also refer to strategic cooperation between the prosecution, the forces and the populations.

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Women, Peace and Security

Although the legal status of women in Niger has undoubtedly improved over the past years, women have much fewer opportunities for political, social and economic participation than men do. With approximately 4 to 10 percent of female personnel depending on the particular internal security service, women remain significantly underrepresented in the internal security sector.

EUCAP Sahel Niger works together with national authorities and civil society to foster women’s careers and representation in security, abolish gender stereotypes and gender-based violence and thus aims to reach a higher participation of women in decision-making processes.In addition, the Mission participates in meetings and workshops with national and international security sector stakeholders on promoting gender awareness and women empowerment following the European Union’s implementation strategy of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security as well as subsequent resolutions.

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