Interoperability – in other words, the compatibility of equipment, procedures and services to enable coherent actions and cooperation by the three internal security forces is a fundamental element for the promotion of security in Niger. This approach also comprises the Nigerian Armed Forces, and thus targets the entire system of Defense and Security Forces.

On a strategic level, the Mission provides the Nigerien authorities with assistance in the implementation of the National Strategy for Internal Security (SNSI) formulated in 2017 through a respective Action Plan, which includes also the elaboration of an Internal Security Act. The Mission further engages with the National Center for Strategic Studies and Security and other partners to support the development of a National Policy for Security and Defense.

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Joint actions through mobility, logistics, communication and crisis management

In practical terms, EUCAP Sahel Niger strengthens collaboration among the forces through a variety of logistics and infrastructure support with a focus on mobility as well as pooling of means and equipment.

Since 2017, the Mission has developed and equipped Regional Operational Centers (COR) in all eight regions. These CORs serve as crisis management centers for joint and coordinated action in response to major crises and counter terrorism. Additional Operational Centers for the National Gendarmerie and Regional Security Centers, providing political and strategical coordination, complete these efforts.

The Mission further accompanies trainings in crisis management for COR personnel and exercises live scenarios. The latter can also include the Nigerien Armed Forces in support of the process of Judiciarisation (see Justice, Human Rights and Gender).

Further plans are in the pipeline to reinforce communications structures through the installation of a full territory radio coverage, respective training in radio communication as well as the modernization of the Center for Signal Instructions.

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