Cross-border terrorism and organized crime in the Sahel require a coordinated approach. EUCAP Sahel Niger is part of a larger network of international actors operating in the framework of security in Niger and the region and thus promotes cooperation among them.

International, Regional and National Coordination
On an international level, the Mission organizes regular meetings with technical and financial partners to improve coordination with respect to the distribution of available assistance and serves as a secretariat for inter-agency cooperation. This includes, on a regional level, the coordination of activities and best practice exchange with other CSDP missions such as EUCAP Sahel Mali and EUBAM Libya. In cooperation with the EU Delegation, the Mission advises EU Member States on bilateral engagement and provides technical assistance to European agencies and international institutions such as for EUROPOL, FRONTEX and INTERPOL.

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The Mission also enhances regional cooperation between the G5 Sahel countries in collaboration with the Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell (RACC) in Mauretania. In 2019, EUCAP Sahel Niger conducted a first training in Burkina Faso to prepare the National Gendarmerie for their deployment to the G5 joint forces. Since then, further trainings and support to the G5 police component have been provided.

Twice a year, the Mission meets with the national authorities in a steering committee chaired by the Prime Minister and supported by a technical committee. These meetings aim to provide strategic exchange on the long-term planning of the security sector institutions in Niger as well as on the Mission’s mandate and activities.

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