Enhancing technical competencies of Niger’s internal security forces is an integral part of the Mission’s mandate. Over the years, EUCAP Sahel Niger has provided training in 15 different domains, including in criminal investigation, forensics, anti-trafficking of drugs, weapons and human beings, human resource management and professional intervention techniques. More than 19,000 individuals from the National Police, Gendarmerie and the National Guard, as well as representatives from the justice sector and civil society, have benefitted from this training. Where necessary, equipment is provided to ensure practical use of the acquired skills.

From Trainings to Trainers

In recent years, the Mission has shifted its support from individual training to a Training-of-Trainers concept. Mentored and coached by Mission experts, the trained trainers continue to independently transfer their knowledge and expertise to colleagues. This approach ensures the sustainability of training concepts and reinforces the sense of ownership by the Nigerien partners. Training modules are created in cooperation with Nigerien trainers and are constantly adapted to the evolving security situation. With ongoing mentoring, some training modules have already been handed over to the Nigerien partners, whilst other training modules are conducted jointly with Mission experts. “la formation de formateurs”. Ayant bénéficié d’un suivi et accompagnement par des experts de la Mission, les formateurs formés continuent de transférer leurs connaissances et leur expertise aux collègues nigériens de façon indépendante. Cette approche assure la durabilité des concepts de formation et renforce l’effet d’appropriation par les partenaires nigériens. Des mallettes pédagogiques sont conçues en collaboration avec les formateurs nigériens et régulièrement adaptées à l’évolution de la situation sécuritaire. Sur base d’un suivi continu, certaines formations ont déjà été remises complètement aux partenaires nigériens tandis que d’autres formations continuent d’être conjointement dispensées avec les experts de la Mission.

Growing success

Based on steady support, several Nigerien security services have developed their capacities with proven records of success. The Department of Forensic Investigations became fully self-operational and serves as a Center of Excellence in West Africa, which receives regular requests for consultations by neighboring countries. In addition, the Central Office against Illegal Drug Trafficking has constantly increased the number of seizures throughout the country and has dismantled in 2018 an international drug trafficking network operating in Niger. In all training aspects, EUCAP Sahel Niger explicitly promotes the participation of women.

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