Depuis 2015, EUCAP Sahel Niger s’est engagée auprès de la société civile. Ce qui a débuté avec la collaboration locale entre la Mission et le Sultanat de l’Aïr à Agadez s’est développé au fil des ans avec les activités qui se mettent en place dans plusieurs régions où les populations font face aux menaces sécuritaires liées aux terrorisme et à la criminalité organisée.

The main objective of EUCAP Sahel Niger’s civil society engagement is to promote mutual understanding and confidence-building between Niger’s Internal Security Forces and local communities and to create networks of information exchange, thus advocating for an inclusive and participative understanding of human security.

Regular awareness building activities and training on topics such as trafficking of weapons, drugs and human beings, human rights and gender, as well as irregular migration, bring together representatives from the Internal Security Forces with civil society groups, traditional and religious leaders, as well as women associations. These roundtables, seminars and workshops not only allow direct interaction and exchange of perceptions and ideas but also serve as platforms to identify opportunities for the Internal Security Forces to offer tailored support addressing the needs of women, men, boys and girls.

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